Leader’s Rehab Robot
Innovative Authenticity

 Developed on the basis of medical treatment principles

1) Neuroplasticity : According to recent study, human brain can recover functionally and structurally even after impairment, and this electric generation is explained by neuroplasticity. To maximize the neuroplasticity, repetition of exact movement can enables new learning.

2) Sensory-motor Integration : Repetitive inculcation of normal sense can connect to normalization of motor ability.

3) Neuro Development Technique : NDT: This is the actual treatment technique of the specialized rehabilitation.

Innovative Authenticity are created on the basis of medical expertise which is the core and foundation of rehabilitation treatment.

 Medical expert developed

1) The developer, Doctor Young-ki Kim who is also the director of Leaders hospital and physiatrist, exactly figures out the most needed core function in rehabilitation treatment medicalizing patients in the care settings for 20 years.

2) To develop high-tech rehabilitation medical equipment, he acquired doctor of medical engineering and now he is creating the best rehabilitation robots for patients doing directly the whole process of commercialization from development, clinical trial, production to marketing.

 They are new and innovative products.

1) They have needed functions in medical settings: The fucnctions which physicians, clinicians, patients, guardians and support workers want are included.

2) The treatment techniques used in hospitals now are included. (Evidence based approach)

3) Varying disabilities at varying time, all of these things can be remedied. The robots are subdivided of which the function can treat patients of diverse conditions from various angles.

4) We offer One Stop Total Solution Package. The package system can automatize not only one of robot terminal, but the whole of care unit.

5) Through Integrated Personal Management System, customized rehabilitation treatment for each patient is available.

6) Applying detachable and ergonomic design, it can be used when with guardians or alone.