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Philip series

Philip 1

This Rehab Robot, which realize both of pre-gait training and gait training, is one of upper limbs rehabilitation robots and reads medical characteristics of upper limb paralysis patient caused by stroke(traumatic brain injury) ergonomically.

1. is the U.E. neuro-rehabilitation robot.

2. Provides easy don and doff with its sung and safe design.

3. is a self-functioning robot therapist modeled after real therapist activities, including evaluation, prescription, and execution of treatment.

4. Covers therapeutic exercises for upper extremities, such as wrist and finger rehab, with only one simple system.

5. provides customized rehab based on the severity of the disability with passive, active, and resistive mode.

Philip 2

Upper limbs rehabilitation robot which reads medical characteristics of patient ergonomically and is combined with actual treatment technique for effective treatment of upper limbs paralysis and stiff caused by stroke(traumatic brain injury).

 Curative Effacement

  • Patient or guardians can use by themselves without support of professional clinicians.
  • Joint working range increases for joint contracture patients
  • Effect of reducing stiffness for stiff patients
  • Fuctions of upper limbs are improved for patients with upper limbs disabilities
  • Especially, it can double the effect of rehabilitation treatment by preparedness improvement of active movement and economy of stretching time when used for warming-up exercise


Detachable structure considering patient’s medical features: Patients who have high stiffness can wear within one minute by oneself 


Combined with actual treatment technique

ㆍGradual stretching of wrists and fingers

ㆍUse golgi tendon reflex with soft and low tempo stretching

Patent structure which stretch whole fingers effectively even though there are difference among length of fingers


Main body, Finger Module, Cradle, Forearm module

hold plate, fixing silicon, thumb supporter, rubber plate, wrist fixing band, velcro

 How to Use

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 User Manual

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