Robot Type
Innovative Authenticity

Alex series

This Rehab Robot, which realize both of pre-gait training and gait training, is one of paraplegia rehabilitation robots and reads medical characteristics of paraplegia patient caused by stroke(traumatic brain injury) ergonomically.

Gait training with practical movement on floor of care unit is available – focus on gait training for the middle and latter period patients and double the effects of gait training with AR(Augmented Reality) technology

  Curative Effacement

  • The Releasing rigidity of truncus and limbs, increase of range of motion
  • Strengthening muscle of soma
  • Strengthening static and kinetic stability of soma
  • Strengthening muscle of affected side of lower body
  • Improvement of weight transfer ability and support ability
  • Strengthening circuit of sense-motor
  • Promotion of neuroplasticity recovery


Detachable structure considering patient’s medical features: Piggyback posture (Snug fit)

  • Attachment is completed with only getting in wheelchair
  • Safe and comfortable support through piggyback posture

Combined with actual treatment technique

  • Gait training with practical movement on floor is available

Integrated management system is connected – one to one customized prescription of rehabilitation treatment